If your home was built between the 1960-1970 you might have aluminum wiring, what does this mean?

If your home does have aluminum wire that has not been properly re-spliced, you will be required by your insurance company to get your aluminum wire repaired or replaced before getting insurance.

If your aluminum wire is not properly copper pigtailed there is a potential for failure which could lead to fire. Do not wait for signs of overheating or of arcing before getting your aluminum wire check. There is potential for failure before it shows signs.

Aluminum wire has been deemed unsafe because the wire oxidizes over time which makes the ends expand and contract. Once the wire has started to expand and contract gapes are created which leaves room for arcing that can cause a fire within your home. To fix this problem you must have your aluminum wire re-spliced. Re-splicing the wire at your devices and applying a special marrette with copper will not allow the aluminum to oxidize, then attaching copper wire to your devices.

Make sure to pick Rooham Electric as your electrical contractor, we will make your aluminum wire safe again and provide you with a certificate of acceptance for your records. This is the first place to start on making your home safer.

*Thanks to Electrical Safety Authority for this information, find more: (https://esasafe.com/home-renovation-buying-and-selling/aluminum-wiring/)*