Is your old bathroom fan as loud as a jet engine, does it not suck any steam away anymore or do you simply just not have a bathroom fan?


It might surprise you, but if any of these are the case, we can help! Our certified electricians can install an upgrade or a brand-new bathroom fan for you. We can also install it on a humidistat, timer or just a regular switch with ease.


Not sure if yours is functioning as well as it can? We can help assess that too.


Switching out your ancient or well-used bathroom fan not only creates a more pleasant environment in your home, but it’s safer for you too! A poorly ventilated bathroom can lead to mildew and mold – both of which are potentially very harmful to your health and the health of your loved ones. As we spend more time in our homes over the winter season and in light of COVID, now is a great time to spend a little extra energy on caring for our homes to make them as comfortable and safe as possible.


And while we’re there, if you’ve been wanting to upgrade your lighting to make those baths or showers more relaxing or getting ready for work easier; to add a more convenient electrical outlet or change out existing fixtures, we can help with all of that too.


Give our team a call and let us help you make your home safer and more comfortable this winter season.