Do you know what’s wiring your home?


From the mid 1960’s to mid 1970’s, aluminum wiring was used extensively in home builds, chosen largely for the fact that it had a much lower cost than copper wiring. Homes built through these years (and even into the early 80’s) were wired either entirely with aluminum or with a combination of both aluminum and copper.


It was later realized that there are two chemical reactions that take place on the surface of pure aluminum and the result of the two is exactly the same – the reaction causes the wire to heat up and can reach temperatures high enough to ignite nearby combustible materials. Translation: aluminum wiring presents a serious electrical fire hazard in your home.


The simple solution would seem to be to just replace the wiring. Not only would this ensure a far safer living situation for you and your family, it would lower your living costs as well, as homes with aluminum wiring have far higher insurance premiums due to the high risk the wiring presents. However, removing all of the old aluminum wiring out of a home can be both costly and time consuming (not to mention messy!) as generally a great deal of drywall has to be removed in order to access everything that needs to be replaced. As a homeowner, this is likely a bit of an overwhelming thought – and the reason that many choose to leave the wiring as is and hope for the best.


The good news is, there is another option.


We offer what’s called “copper pig-tailing” – an approved, cost-effective and efficient method of ensuring your safety and the safety of your home.


How does it work? We go through your home, checking every electrical box and splicing the special marrets onto each aluminum wire with a copper pigtail to get them back up to code. Yes – it’s that easy. Pull of electrical covers, join some wires and just like that your home is safer and your insurance rates go down! (We provide you with a signed letter stating that the work has been done which you send to your insurance provider who will then lower your rates). No drywall dust, re-painting or re-decorating just to sort out some wires.


Not sure which wiring you have in your home? We can help you determine that too.


If you’re ready to make your home safer and lower your insurance premiums, give us a call today. Our certified team members will sleep better knowing your safer.