Looking at going electric? You’re not alone. With more and more people switching to electric cars, it’s no surprise that interest in having electric car chargers at home has spiked. While installing a charger in your home may seem like a no-brainer, there are still a few things you should think about before deciding to do it. Here are three things to consider before installing an electric car charger in your home.




If you have a large garage, it’s important to carefully consider exactly where you want your charger to be located. Make sure you pick a spot where you can park your car for an extended period of time and where the charging cable won’t be in the way of anything else you need to do. Picking the right spot in your garage can make all the difference between your charger being a convenience and a hassle. If your charging spot is going to be outside, it’s important to pick a weatherproof charger that will be able to work and hold up in a variety of conditions.




While an electric car charger is obviously meant to do only one thing, some models come with extra features for added user convenience. Many chargers, for example, are Wi-Fi compatible, allowing you to monitor power use and control the charging process from your smartphone. Be sure to carefully consider your options and choose the charger that’s right for you.


Cord Length


Finally, you should give some thought to the length of the charging cord itself. While many chargers come with a standard 14-foot cord, others have cords that extend to 20 feet or even more to give you more versatility. The cord length you need will ultimately depend on where your car is going to sit in relation to the charging station and whether or not you intend to park it in exactly the same place every evening.


Once you’ve given some thought to these matters, you’ll also need to find a certified electrician capable of installing your new charging system. Since 2004, Rooham Electric has been providing residential electrical services to customers in and around Kamloops, BC. When you’re ready to have your new electric car charger installed, Rooham Electric can provide you with the expert service you need to get the job done right.