With Christmas just around the corner (don’t stop reading quite yet, we aren’t really ready for it either), are you starting to dread the annual task of putting up the Christmas lights?! Finding that big ladder, untangling the mess from last year, and getting them all up only to discover that a strand has burnt out?

We don’t like to think of it either.

The good news is, there is a far better solution and one that will mean you NEVER have to hang Christmas lights again. And on top of that? They aren’t just Christmas lights!

Gemstone Lights are your year-round outdoor lighting solution. Make your home spooktacular just in time for Halloween (like this: https://gemstonestage.s3.ca-central-1.amazonaws.com/Outdoor+Halloween+Lights+Make+Your+House+Look+Halloween+Awesome!.mp4), give – your home beautiful architectural lighting, yourself the gift of time and reduced stress at Christmas and most beautiful Christmas lights you’ve ever had and making your home stand out from the crowd the rest of the year too.

How do they work?

Gemstone Lights come with their own custom app that allows you to fully customize your color choices. And when we say fully, we mean FULLY. Choose from pre-set color combinations or choose your own exact shade from the app. Set timers for when you want them on and off or to change from one color scheme to another – you are fully in control of what colors or patterns you turn on, for when and how long, and even how bright. And all of this from your phone! Which means – from anywhere you have internet connection! On top of all of that, Gemstone Lights come with individual waterproof connections which means in the unlikely event that one of your LED lights burns out and malfunctions, it’s a quick switch of one light, instead of a whole strand. Plus, they come with a bumper to bumper warranty to put your mind at ease.

They are truly an incredible and beautiful solution to your outdoor lighting needs. Learn more about the lights here: https://roohamelectric.ca/gemstone-lights/ and give us a call today to schedule your free quote. As the sole provider of Gemstone Lights in the Kamloops-Thompson Region, we are your Gemstone Lighting experts and here to help.