It’s the simple things that are often the most effective. Keep you and your family safe, by following these simple electrical safety tips when it comes to cords, extension cords and plugs in your home.

  1. We all do it occasionally, but it’s important to remember to pull the plug, not the cord, when disconnecting any electrical device.
  2. The third prong of a plug does exist for a reason: safety! Do not break it off in order to make the plug fit an outlet or bypass it in any way.
  3. Using extension cords outdoors? Only use three-pronged ones.
  4. It’s easy to keep “meaning to replace it” but when it comes to cords and plugs that show signs of wear or damage, it’s extremely important. If you have a cord that you know needs to be replaced, stop using it and replace it as soon as you notice the damage.
  5. Did you know that extension cords have different ratings? Ensure to always use ones that are properly rated for the amount of electricity you’ll be using. Not sure? Give us a call – we can help.
  6. Extension cords are not intended to be a permanent solution. If you find yourself using one all the time in a particular location, give us a call so that we can determine the best course of action for you (generally installing additional plug points that are closer to your electricity needs).
  7. Run out of outlets and need a power bar? Ensure to use a certified one if you need to plug multiple things into an outlet. An even better and safer solution? Have us install some extra plug points for you.
  8. Do not place electrical cords under carpets, through doorways or anywhere they could be stepped on. Not sure what to do with the cord? Call us. Better safe than sorry.
  9. Coil up extra cord length and keep the coil intact by using plastic ties or Velcro straps.


These simple practices will help keep you, your family and your home safe and help us sleep better at night.


Adapted from BC Hydro’s Electrical Safety Tips: