Summer has finally arrived and that means: CAMPING!

Tenting not quite your style? Or ready to make camping a bit more comfortable? If you’re thinking about buying, or have just purchased an R.V., is your home ready for it?

While most homes are set up with outdoor electrical that will run an R.V.’s lights and fridge, as well as charge the batteries, most cannot handle running anymore than that. And on those hot days when you want the A/C running to keep it cool for your journey? You’ll need extra power for that.

You may also need additional electrical added to your home if you’ve upgraded or purchased a large unit. Most homes are built with a 15amp plug, while an R.V’s is typically 30 amp. That means there’s potential for you to push you over your house’s allowance for power.

If you’re not sure whether your current home can handle your new R.V. or you know you need additional power added, give us a call! We can help you determine if what you have is enough or what is needed to ensure that when you’re ready to head out to the lake, you’re powered up and prepared to go.