If you’re interested in moving towards more sustainable power systems such as solar but aren’t quite ready to become fully solar-power based, grid-tie systems are a perfect candidate. Allowing you to become more environmentally sustainable, grid-tied solar system homes remain connected to the provincial electrical grid, allowing you to provide some of your own power, but also use provincial power when needed. On the other hand, if you produce more power than your home needs, the extra power is fed back into the grid and whatever you produce during the course of the year is taken off your overall usage from BC Hydro (this is known as Net Metering). And if you produce more in the summer than you use, the power is added as a credit to your account for future usage and bills. In general, adding a simple roof-top solar system can offset as much as 20 – 50% of your yearly power consumption and that adds up quickly! This system is also a much more cost-effective solution (at about $2.50 a watt installed) to going green as you do not need to purchase batteries or a backup generator.

So how does it work?

Grid-tie systems tie directly into your existing or new grid-tied systems so they can be implemented in brand new constructions and in older homes. A typical system will have a solar PV array on your roof, which is hooked up to micro inverters that feed directly into your panel within your home, transferring the power for use.

Grid-tie systems are an excellent and affordable option for those who want to become more environmentally conscious and we can help you determine exactly what your unique home will need. Give us a call today for more information about this option or any other solar-related questions you may have. Our team is here to help!