We at Rooham Electric would like to extend our congratulations to Beverley Ireland, who recently won the 2017 Kamloops Y Dream Home. We are excited for Beverley to enjoy her new home.

This year, we were very grateful to be able to assist with the construction of the Y Dream Home. We assisted in building a state of the art, technologically advanced home with an EnergyStar designation. Our team of talented electrical technicians participated in the planning, design, all the way through to implementation and testing. We are so happy with the end result.

From the stunning lighting in the restrooms, bathrooms, living areas and hallway to the incredible, stunningly beautiful and modern kitchen, together with the entire team, we have truly built a beautiful home. All the best to Beverley and all prize winners in the 2017 Kamloops Y Dream Home lottery from all of us at Rooham Electric.

Interested in checking out the home? Have a look at the video tour below.