At Rooham Electric, we stay on the forefront of technology to ensure our customers benefit from the latest and greatest, and the most efficient repairs and service.

Now, we’re offering conduit repair services using IPEX’s EPR kits. With unique interlocking joints, we are able to simply close the two half shell pieces over existing installed wire and cable. The use of standard PVC solvent cement enables the kit to be very quickly assembled and connected, repairing the conduit to its original form. Better yet, unlike traditional conduit repair strategies, EPR kits modular nature allows us to repair any length and type of pipe quickly and accurately.

If that weren’t enough, EPR kits now feature enhanced UV resistance. Being manufactured from high-impact and non-conductive PVC, these kits closely match the color of most existing conduit and fittings.

Want to learn more about EPR conduit repair kits? See the video below.