Phones. Tablets. Cameras. Even laptops. In 2017, we’re charging all of these devices with USB. And yet all too often, we struggle with finding charger before we struggle to find an outlet. Leviton’s USB charging devices integrate directly with your outlet. Top and bottom can be standard outlets. But the center? Packed with two or more USB outlets to charge whatever device you have in your hand.

Spend more time enjoying your device, and less time charging them. With smart chips that detect and optimize the charging power of your electronic device, USB chargers from Leviton feature between two and four USB charging ports built right in to your wall outlet. Adapter-free charging eliminates the clutter as well as the struggle to find an adapter. And engineered for the latest technology, we charge all of your devices, as quickly as possible.

Let Rooham Electric simplify your life, and your guests life, with built in chargers for the devices you depend on the most.