Quick & Easy Conduit Repair with EPR Conduit Repair Kits

At Rooham Electric, we stay on the forefront of technology to ensure our customers benefit from the latest and greatest, and the most efficient repairs and service.

Now, we’re offering conduit repair services using IPEX’s EPR kits. With unique interlocking joints, we are able to simply close the two half shell pieces over existing installed wire and cable. The use of standard PVC solvent cement enables the kit to be very quickly assembled and connected, repairing the conduit to its original form. Better yet, unlike traditional conduit repair strategies, EPR kits modular nature allows us to repair any length and type of pipe quickly and accurately.

If that weren’t enough, EPR kits now feature enhanced UV resistance. Being manufactured from high-impact and non-conductive PVC, these kits closely match the color of most existing conduit and fittings.

Want to learn more about EPR conduit repair kits? See the video below.

Our HES PV Grid-Tie systems can save (and make!) you money.

Already in 2017 we are seeing a massive increase in the number of solar implementations. With an increased focus on climate change, increased cost of fossil fuels, and increasing price of electricity, home owners and businesses alike are deploying solar panels to their roofs in order to reduce their power bills and save electricity.

Roooham Electric is proud to offer Grid-Tie systems designed by HES PV. With a Grid Tie system, home owners have even more benefits. Instead of being lost, excess energy collected by your Grid-Tie system can be fed back into the electrical grid. You receive a credit from BC Hydro for energy that is fed back.

There is no better time than now to learn about how a solar implementation can save (and even make) you money. For more information, see our partner’s page at: hespv.ca/canadian-energy-programs/british-columbia/


How does a Grid-Tie System work?

See the cross section of a house with solar grid-tie system. There are two basic components:

Solar array: One to ten kilowatts of solar panels, typically mounted on unused south facing roof space.

Inverter: Converts solar energy (DC) to match utility power.





What happens during a power failure?

Grid-tie systems safely disconnect in the event of a power failure. We offer the option of a Secure Source battery backup that would run some selected loads like pumps or lighting in the event of a blackout.

How much energy can I gather with a solar electric system?

In most of Canada, a kilowatt (1000 watts) of solar panels (area A. of 80 – 90 ft2), mounted with good exposure facing south, could generate between 1000 and 1400 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year.

It’s 2017. Why don’t your outlets have USB chargers?

Phones. Tablets. Cameras. Even laptops. In 2017, we’re charging all of these devices with USB. And yet all too often, we struggle with finding charger before we struggle to find an outlet. Leviton’s USB charging devices integrate directly with your outlet. Top and bottom can be standard outlets. But the center? Packed with two or more USB outlets to charge whatever device you have in your hand.

Spend more time enjoying your device, and less time charging them. With smart chips that detect and optimize the charging power of your electronic device, USB chargers from Leviton feature between two and four USB charging ports built right in to your wall outlet. Adapter-free charging eliminates the clutter as well as the struggle to find an adapter. And engineered for the latest technology, we charge all of your devices, as quickly as possible.

Let Rooham Electric simplify your life, and your guests life, with built in chargers for the devices you depend on the most.

Available now – Renu from Leviton

Interested in updating the look and feel of a room or your house? Rooham Electric now offers Renu products from Leviton. This line of switches, dimmers, outlets, and wall plates come in amazingly vibrant and modern colors and can help “refresh” that room that’s looking dated in your home.

What’s better? The switch plate covers can be effortlessly swapped out to accentuate your new design scheme. When your color palate changes, your electrical components do too.

From outlets (with or without USB ports for charging your various devices), to switches, dimmers, and more, Renu has you covered for the future. Contact us at Rooham Electric today to learn how Renu by Leviton can future proof your new room design.

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