Meet the Team Monday: Cylis Stuckey

This week, Meet the Team Monday brings you one of our journeyman electricians and the man with the moustache: Cylis Stuckey.

Meet the Team Series: Richard Baker

We are continuing on with our Meet the Team Series, and today we would like you to introduce you to a man Red Seal Chef turned electrician (we were surprised to): Richard Baker.

Meet the Team Monday: Brandon Hamling

We really mean it when we say that we are a family business. Today, for Meet the Team Monday, we’d like to introduce you to Brandon Hamling, Shawn’s son and a key member of our team.

Meet the Team Series: Ryan Simons

It’s a “Meet the Team” Monday! Today, meet Ryan, who has been with us for all but four years of his eleven in the electrical industry.

Meet the Team Series: Cliff Furrer

It’s time for our “Meet the Team” series! An opportunity for you to get to know a little about each of our amazing staff and put names to faces. Last week we introduced you to our founder and owner Shawn. Today, we’d like to showcase our longest-serving team member: Cliff Furrer.


Meet the Team Series: Shawn Hamling

As a family built and run business, having professional and personable staff is of utmost importance to us. We are extremely proud of our team and the level of service they provide to our Kamloops community and the surrounding areas, and we would love for you to have the opportunity to get to know them a little bit. That’s why we are excited to introduce our “Meet the Team” series where we will be highlighting each of our staff members.

First up is our founder and owner: Shawn Hamling.


Flickering Lights Means Something’s Not Right

If you’ve lived in your house a while and haven’t opened the walls for renovations, there’s a chance you may not know what kind of wiring lays behind them. While copper wiring has become the more widely used conductor for electricity within homes, many older homes still have original aluminium wiring, and this can certainly pose a problem. Aluminium wiring is more susceptible to overheating and can be a significant fire hazard and a more dangerous one at that, as electrical fires are often more destructive and surprising than other types of fires, as they tend to be difficult to identify. Two common signs of failing aluminium wire connections that you can be on the lookout for however, are flickering lights and browning of receptacles.

These pictures are from a job we did recently; this customer was extremely lucky that the fire caused by the aluminium wiring did not cause further damage to their home.

If you do have aluminium wiring in your home, please give us a call to ensure that the connections have been redone with proper connectors and that it is safe. If you’re unsure as to what type of wiring you have, but have seen either of these warning signs, contact us right away – let us help you keep you and your loved ones safe.

Fixer Upper Fixes

Feel like your home needs a bit of a refresh but not sure where to start? Expert designer, business owner and down-to-earth mom, Joanna Gaines says, “for the interior, simple changes like new light fixtures, a new backsplash, or a fresh coat of paint can go a long way.” [1] We agree. You don’t have to make a huge investment to make a big statement when it comes to improvements around your home. And lighting can make or break the statement and mood you are trying to create.

Just imagine yourself cozied up next to a roaring fire, with a glass of wine (or your favorite post-dinner indulgence), a loved one and…florescent track lighting. Or imagine attending a hockey game with only pot-lights to see the action by. And ladies, we don’t even need to get started on department store change-room lighting, do we?

The wrong lighting for a venue or mood, can ruin your overall experience. So next time you’re thinking of making a change to your lighting, give us a call. Our experienced staff can advise you on the most appropriate lighting for your space and ensure that it is installed correctly, keeping you and your home or business safe.

Need picture proof? Check out these before and afters of just a few of the home renovations we’ve been a part of.




Building Kamloops: Sienna Ridge

Building Kamloops: Sienna Ridge

Kamloops is growing, and we could not be more proud to be part of the stunning new development at Sienna Ridge. This adult orientated, gated community features 108 rancher style homes with high-end finishes and gorgeous views of the Thompson River. From the ground-up, we have been involved to ensure that every home has well thought-out and safely-executed electrical that powers everything from the above-island lighting to the washers and dryers.

The contractors and home-builders of Sienna Ridge are just a few of the many that we have a sound reputation and excellent working-relationship with. If you are looking for the right team to help you build and sell your new development, contact us.


Happy Earth Day!

Did you know LEDs save money and are environmentally friendly?

A simple way to save money on electrical bills is to install new lights.  Not only is it cost efficient, and uses less energy, but they look great too.  Paying for LEDs can cost more out of the box, but light-emitting diodes are more efficient, using 75% less energy and can last 20-30 years in an average home.  Another tip is too put lights on a dimmer to reduce energy when full-intensity light is not needed, plus it looks better.  Begin by replacing the lights used more frequently in your home and see the savings add up.

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