Welcome to 2021! The dust has settled from Christmas activities and New Years fun (though we know most of us were just having a pajama party – COVID style), and now it’s time to take on 2021 with a fresh perspective and a lot of hope that this year will be better than the last.


In preparing for the year ahead have you made our new years resolutions or goals? For those of us that do, they usually include a few major life areas including: health/fitness, relationships and finances. Often there are travel goals too – but with COVID – well, our travelling plans will probably look a bit more like this. So if you can’t go to Aruba, Jamaica, or the other place your partner wants to take ya’, and you have to spend a whole lot more time at home, maybe this should be the year that the home renovation you’ve been putting off get’s done.


There are so many ways to improve our homes – from fully ripping out the old and putting in the new, to upgrading fixtures, putting up a fresh coat of paint, or transforming an under-utilized space into something new.


No matter the size and scope of the project, if you’re looking to make electrical changes or improvements to your home, we can help. Here’s our top 3 suggestions for making your home a more comfortable place to be by improving your electrical:


  1. Upgrade Your Lighting | Lighting can truly make or break a mood. There is a reason we call it “romantic lighting”. A reason why there’s specific lighting in movie theatres, concerts, shopping malls, restaurants. Lighting not only achieves a specific purpose, but it conveys a very particular mood.

    An excellent way to upgrade your home and make it more comfortable this year, is by changing up the lighting in your home. Adding new lighting where there was none, changing out the ancient chandelier or box lighting for new, more modern lighting, adding dimmers to the bedroom and theatre space are all great options.

  2. Add Some Surround Sound | Speaking of theatre spaces. Who doesn’t want a home theatre? With movie theatre’s closed and a lot more time to catch up on Netflix these days, many of us are spending more nights curled up on the couch. So why not make it a more immersive experience by adding home theatre surround sound and theatre-style lighting to your family or theatre room?
  3. More Electrical Accessibility | Many older homes were not built with the electrical accessibility that we now desire. With an increased need for charging and/or docking stations, home offices that we are spending a lot more time in and more – many of us may have found we have outgrown our electrical outlets, and have resorted to extension cords and power bars. While these are great solutions, they were never meant to be permanent and it’s unsafe to continue using them as such. So if you need an extra plug point or two to help with the increased demand of your home – it’s a quick fix we can help with.
  4. Save Some Money | COVID has hit many of us hard – our pocket books included.

Add the effects of the pandemic to spending more time at home and the increased power bills, many of us are looking for ways to save even a little money here and there because it can all add up to a big help.


While it may seem like a small change, switching out lights or appliances to more electrically friendly and green options can save you some cash. Not sure what will make the most difference? Our certified electricians can do a home inspection to help you figure out where you can save some green.


If you’re ready to make your home more comfortable for 2021, give us a call. We’d love to help this year be a better year than the last for you.


Questions? We would love to help with those too. Just give us a call.